Sunday 11 July 2021

More beastmen

 A couple of months ago I showed some beastmen and minotaurs that were part of a commissioned warband but I had a few extra models to do for it so here they are.

I love the old 80's beastmen and have a few stashed away myself. The bottom left model is Marauder but he fits in fairly well. I believe the warband is intended for Mordheim and a few markers were included for me to paint up as well as a random dog. 

Whilst not intended for this warband I also had a Skaven rat ogre to paint for the same customer. He goes with another warband I painted some years ago.

That's everything for now and hopefully I'll have something of my own to show soon.


  1. Very nice, cant go wrong with the citadel 80s minis.

  2. Real eye candy, I love them!

  3. It’s all cracking work, as always, but I particularly like the Oldhammer Skaven warband.
    The “random dog” is great too. A C46 figure by the name of Ratter.

    1. I'm never sure whether those little animals are Citadel or from elsewhere. Good to know at last. :)