Sunday, 14 February 2021

Revisiting my Imperial Fists Space Marines

 I think it was back in 2005 I painted up my first Imperial Fists space marine, a plasma gunner. I'd been collecting these old marines for a couple of years and had finally settled on Imperial Fists for the colour scheme. It was more a case of having a yellow ochre colour in mind somewhat influenced by some marines I'd seen painted in either White Dwarf or possibly GM magazine from that '89/'90 era and Imperial Fists kind of fitted well enough. Over the course of a few years, I forget how many exactly but certainly by 2009 I'd painted up a full 10 man tactical squad.



I had plans to expand the force to include a dreadnought and five 'command' models including an officer, medic, chaplain, librarian and tech marine. These models were all selected, prepped and undercoated before being promptly left to gather dust. All these years later I wasn't sure what exactly to do with the squad. I recalled the painting of the armour was a little laborious and possibly over worked in comparison to how I paint now and there are some things I'd do differently if I were doing this all over again. The option of selling them and re-collecting the figures was considered. 

Recently though I dug out one of the command models I'd prepped and decided to see if I could replicate the paint work. I remembered the colours I'd used so no problems there. I've been asked a lot over the years what those colours were so here they are:

Base coat VGC Leather Brown (used to be Cobra Leather)

Main highlight VGC Scrofulous Brown

Next highlight VGC Gold Yellow

Final edge highlight VGC Bonewhite

I finished up with some ink glazes. I'll mention that in a bit. I'm not sure a glaze is currently considered the same as what I always understood a glaze to be but for me it's a very dilute wash of ink that barely tints the finished paint work.

This is the start of the Lieutenant, a model released in 1989. 

Here's a quick snap of the finished armour.

I'm quite happy with the armour colour and it's a close match. It turned out to not be as much hassle as I recalled as well. I couldn't get an exact colour match for potentially a number of reasons but I think the most likely one is the VGC Gold Yellow. I finally had to replace my original pot last year after 17 years or so and I think it's slightly different. I relied on the glazes to try and tint the paint work in the right direction. Originally I used Citadel brown ink as my finishing glaze but that's long gone now. Instead I used Winsor & Newton Nut Brown ink but the colour was still a bit off. Tried W&N Sunshine Yellow but that did nothing. Ended up using a glaze of GW Reikland Fleshshade. When the whole model is done I might add some extra sharp highlights if needed.

Not a great deal to do on this now but there are a couple of things that will slow down my finishing the model. I need to add the shoulder insignia but my old transfers seemed rather brittle last time I tried to use them. Not great when the only way to fit decals on these very convex shoulder pads is to slice them and then use decal softener to avoid creasing (followed by a certain amount of repainting). The other issue is the power sword. I'd like to paint it as a power weapon rather than just in metals but I never really got to grips with that whole thing so that could be a frustrating learning curve.

Whilst I'm not promising anything I am thinking I might get a few more of my command section done. Two more models would make a nice addition, all five would be fantastic, plus the dread' maybe to round it all out for now. Check back in 15 years to see if that comes to fruition. ;)

Sunday, 7 February 2021

Norse Dwarves - Red Box Games

 Recently I finished off a commission which had me painting a load of Red Box Games Norse dwarves. Anyone who follows me elsewhere will have seen some of these over the last year or two. Not much more I can say on them that I haven't likely said in the past so here's an image dump of stunty goodness.


Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Grenadier foot knights

 Given my lack of updates here I thought I'd take a look back at a few things I should have perhaps posted here but didn't. A few posts back I showed three old Grenadier foot knights I'd painted, two from the time and one from a year or two earlier. Well I had two additional knights prepared, all base coated and ready to start but they ended up just gathering dust. I eventually got around to doing them the other year so here they are.

Fantastic sculpts and a joy to paint. I also had another knight that I'd painted back around 2003 for an article in the long dead Harbinger magazine. Whilst I'd been selling off some of my old random painted figures I couldn't part with that model so decided to give him a retouch and add him back into the collection. He got rebased onto a round slotta as per my current whims and general distaste for square bases and I retouched a few things along with some added highlighting of his armour to fit my current style.

And of course there has to be a group shot of all the knights together. I've got more of these and one day I might get a few additional ones painted up.

Monday, 11 January 2021

Fallout Wasteland Warfare

 Yeah, I have a blog, how did I forget about this?! Hopefully managed to delete all the spam comments advertising online casinos, shit MMO games and various scams. With my equally forgotten website gone and my short lived stint on Twitter over it might be worth rebooting the old blog. No new years bullshit optimism here (there'll be none of that for a few years) so what better way to resurrect the blog while the world burns and we all spiral into total oblivion than with a little Fallout Wasteland Warfare. Grab your pipe gun and put off OD'ing on jet just for a moment.

This is a commission job I started working on last year and I've got a fair bit of stuff to work through. All the models here are resin castings rather than the bendy plastic ones. I kicked things off with a set of survivors.

Of course my favourite has to be the powered armour guy. I am still trying to get used to the more realistic proportions of these armoured models though, especially the size of the guns. Hard to drop the expectations of chunky 28's. It's a pretty beefy looking model all the same. The other survivors have that digital sculpt look (no surprises there) that makes them look a bit wooden and lacking in life. The vault dweller is the best of the the four regular survivors and is really only let down a touch by the soft sculpting of the pistol.

Another armoured model in the X01 survivor this time painted in a Nuka Cola colour scheme. 

A bit more work than the dirty bare metal armour but good fun. A heftier gun on this dude too. Another dogmeat as well. I should point out that the scenic bases are rather nice but do add a fair bit of extra work in some cases. 

To assist the survivors there's the ever handy mysterious stranger and Nuka girl.

Can't say I'm familiar with Nuka girl as a character so maybe she's from Fallout 76 or Fallout 4 DLC I haven't played yet (still haven't finished the main game all these years on). The mysterious stranger is a bit of a wooden sculpt but he painted up nicely and in a way it kind of suits him. I do think Nuka girls' facial sculpt is a bit 'off' in some way but over all it's a nice enough model.

To go up against the survivors we've got super mutants. I rather like these models. My only real quibble is with a couple of bent weapons that no amount of straightening would keep straight. Had this problem with a few resin models over the years. I tend to use the hot water method to reshape resin but every time it slowly flexes back somewhat retaining it's bendy memory.

Recently added another to the set with the supermutant 'Hammer'. Don't know if that's his name or what he does but he was another fun one to do. His hound is the same model as the one on the left above so I gave it a slightly different colouring for the sake of variety.

Finally for now we have some robots, my absolute favourite sculpts from this line so far. We've got assaultrons which I always found a little creepy in Fallout 4 and the models manage to convey that feeling for me as well. Never fun encountering these things.

Then there's the ominous trundling sounds of the sentry bot. No matter how levelled up I am in Fallout 3 or 4 these always seem to be a distinct threat. Great model too and a lot bigger than I was expecting it to be. Definitely the best model in the range. Wish I'd taken a pic of it next to some regular sized models. Oh well.

Rounding things off a pair of protectrons. Lovely models and at the behest of the customer I painted a police version. Really pleased with how both came out and very enjoyable to paint. Had to just paint on the red light on top of the police one but at a glance I think it passes pretty well.

Like I say, there are more to do for this commission. There are a few Brotherhood of Steel models, some raiders and various wasteland critters including some ghouls and a deathclaw. It's likely to be a slow year in terms of output for me, much like last year but it'll all get done bit by bit.

Saturday, 26 October 2019

Ion Age Retained Knights

Been a while and only a few spam casino comments to delete over all those months. Anyway, I painted something for myself at last so here it is. Three Alternative Armies Ion Age retained knights from their 28mm range.

Really enjoyed painting these and a great bit of old school goodness. I remember when these were first released back in the very early 90's. Liked them back then but never got any. Picked these and a bunch more up on Ebay a few years back and then of course discovered that Alternative were still around and that the range was still in production. Thankfully I still got a bargain so at least I didn't over pay for my Ebay finds.

I'd like to try and maintain focus on these for now. Got two more prepped and ready to start. If I can get some more done after that that would be fantastic but I am eyeing up other things in my lead pile so we'll see.

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Crystal Elf Empire Sorceress

The blog isn't quite dead it's just my own painting projects that are slow to come to fruition at the best of times have been on hold for a little while. I started this Alternative Armies elf sorceress a few months back and the other weekend I finally had both the time and the inclination to actually get some hobby painting done as opposed to all the work painting.

I should point out that the models hands were originally both open and neither had a grasping thumb to hold the staff. I trimmed the thumb off and bent the fingers around using my desk top and brute force until they looked like they'd hold the staff, glued it in place and added a thumb with greenstuff.

This model rounds out my original set of 8 Crystal Elves so it feels like a finished project although I do have a box full of additional models that I'd love to get painted. Anyway, here's everything painted so far.

Monday, 18 March 2019

Crystal Elf Empire Garde

Finally got the third of my Crystal Elf Empire Garde painted up. Another spearman that was almost finished a couple of weeks back but time and inclination weren't on my side when it came to getting the last little bit done. A bit of spare time this weekend though was put to good use and I got it all finished up.

Just one more model to paint from this initial batch of elves, a sorceress that I've already started base coating. I've got plenty more elves I can add later too.