Friday, 14 October 2016

All sorts of stuff...

It's another of those posts where I've left it a bit long since my last one. So here we are with another mish mash of random models that most Facebook followers will have likely already seen. Going back a few weeks I painted a number of different fantasy adventurer types from various manufacturers. Good fun actually to have that bit of variety. In no particular order we have Seoni from Reaper Miniatures. I had no idea it was a 'named' character from a particular game world. I just saw her as a dancer or something.

Next an evil magic user from Otherworld Miniatures. I'm pretty sure this model was originally from elsewhere as I'm damned sure I recall it from quite a while back before OW got going. I think a few variants were available based on the same basic figure.

And another Otherworld model, this time a druid.

Onto a Darksword Miniatures piece. I don't know what character it's supposed to be but it's clearly an elf of one sort or other. The detail can be a bit fiddly on DS models but this one wasn't too bad.

Another Reaper model that yet again is a named character from a particular game world, and again I was clueless to so I went with my gut feeling and she ended up as a dark elf type.

Finally from this selection there's another Darksword piece. Bit awkward to paint due to the pose but it turned out quite nice. You lucky folks get to see tit and all here! Facebook pulled my last mini with it's tits out because their bots thought they were real chublies so I only posted a rear shot.

I also did a little more work to my Urban War Viridian shock marine. Just weathering and insignia and still trying to figure out what to paint on the shield that is now glued in place. Was going to paint some unit numbers a bit like the studio paint job but then thought I'd go with a unit insignia of some sort, then thought about just a camo pattern, and now back to the idea of numbers. I don't bloody know!

I also did a few bits for Crooked Dice. This time some cops. Various head options for these so plenty of versatility.

Also a pair of Otherworld Miniatures carnivorous apes. Rather fun to do and a nice change from my usual stuff.

And finally this week I've been working on a variety of pulp type models. Here are two, a female character from Statuesque Miniatures and a flamboyant agent from Crooked Dice.

And that's yer lot. Plenty of bits and pieces to come. More pulp figures, more fantasy and hopefully (finger crossed) I'll get that sodding shock marine done.


  1. Brilliant! Really very nice work indeed :)

  2. Your transitions are so smooth I can barely believe it.

  3. Brilliant red on that wizard Mr Stone!

    I really like that Viridian trooper mini too, quite tasty aren't they :)

    1. Ta :)

      I nearly went with the later version shock marine models but decided they were a bit too big, plus I rather like these earlier ones (albeit with a head swap with a later model). Got another marine and a sergeant (with Hasslefree head swap) to do after this.

  4. Stunning work. I especially love Seoni and the female character from Statuesque Miniatures.