Saturday, 18 February 2017

Miniature13 sci-fi model

A few models here that I was not aware of previously. Miniature13 is the company and is a new one on me. I don't know if there's a background that fits the models or whether they're just 'cool' figures someone wanted to make. Digital sculpts by the look of things and cast in resin. A couple are available in 54mm but these are all 32mm.

Best of the bunch and my favourites are Frontline and Maybe.

I copied the artwork from the Kickstarter for Frontline so it wasn't just a childish decision to write 'fuck' on a model. Not sure if it's clear but somehow I managed to actually paint a number 8 on the eight ball grenade. First attempt came out spot on so I'm chalking that one up as a complete fluke.

Next a Controller.

Finally for this batch, a pair of Scarecrows.

There's a little background material written on the Kickstarter page but I'm not sure if there's a fully realised world for these models to explain exactly who and what everyone and everything is. I've a few more of these models to do so more to come at some point.

Friday, 10 February 2017

AT-43 Operation Frostbite

This week I was working on the three figures that came with Rackham's AT-43 Operation Frostbite expansion. These were originally pre-painted models and I've pretty much copied those colour schemes except for the female character where I was asked to paint her coat blue instead of orange. Fun to do and turned out quite well I reckon. The pre-paints weren't great but the models underneath are pretty good, much like the other AT-43 figures I've painted in the past.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Tupi Archers - Copplestone Castings

Another quick post here. I painted up another set of five Copplestone Castings Tupi archers last week. Long time followers might remember a couple of sets I did in the past. Nice change of pace with these fellas, just wish I could see all fifteen together though.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Zombicide Black Plague - Gilbert

Just a quickie this time. I painted up another Zombicide character last week but this one is a medieval one for a change. Gilbert the knight. Colour scheme taken from the character art from the game.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Urban War Shock Marine

Last year I was on a bit of an Urban War kick and managed to paint up a few extra models to add to my Colonial Marine force. As ever though I started another model and shit got in the way and it ended up half painted and gathering dust. The other weekend though I finally got my arse into gear and got some more work done on it. So here it is all done.

And here are the two Shock Marines together.

Just one more to do for now, a sergeant for squad leader and then I can perhaps think about adding another small unit of something different.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Age of Sigmar Stormcast Eternal

Guess who forgot about his blog? Same old excuses I'm afraid but I'm sure people have been keeping up to date with all my daubing elsewhere (Facebook linky thing over on the side there). Anyway, it's a new year and I'm even late in acknowledging that. No new years resolutions as that kind of thing is just bollocks. Onto something a bit more interesting... hopefully.

I've gone all Age of Sigmar and decided to have a stab at painting up a Stormcast Eternal Liberator. When AoS was first announced I wasn't keen on the idea and didn't care too much for the Stormcast models. I was one of those people who oddly gave a shit about the direction of a game that they hadn't played since 3rd edition back in the early 90's! I'm just slow to adopt anything new. I moved on though and didn't pay much attention to it all (unlike some - check out any conversation about AoS, some people are still bitching about it). Then Warhammer Quest Silver Tower was released (to another round of whining) and after a bit of thought I decided to check it out as a self contained game kind of appealed to me and I was curious about the models by now. That won me over to GW fantasy again and I was especially taken with the Stormcast Knight-Questor in the set. Goes to show that seeing a model in hand can make a massive difference. As the year went by I just got more interested in looking into AoS, and here we are.

This is one of the easy to build models so has a few areas that display the kind of moulding artifacts that you tend to find on simpler plastic models. I did think of cutting them away but just wanted to get on with painting the model, although there's a horribly obvious area on the back of the right shoulder (not too visible here) that I wish I'd sorted before painting. Shoulder insignia is a decal but I over painted it to blend into the rest of the paint job better. Enjoyed this one and have another four prepped to build a small unit, eventually.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Pulp characters

In my last post I showed a couple of pulp models I'd been working on so here they are along with a few others. No prattling on, straight into the pics.

Three from Crooked Dice. Flamboyant Agent, Pandora King and the Despotic Dictator.

Next there's Golgo Satana and Dr Fang from Pulp Alley/Statuesque Miniatures.

Sticking with Statuesque there's Professor Felicity Poppington.

And finally a pair of cops from North Star from the Fistful of Kung Fu range.

I also managed to finish my Urban War shock marine! That bugger has been dragging on for quite some time largely because I just wasn't sure what I was doing with the paint scheme. Sometimes I look at a model and know exactly how I'd like to paint it, and other times I just draw a blank. I didn't help matters by adding three lots of freehand insignia. The shield wasn't actually that hard to paint in the end. I did pretty much copy the studio paint job though as I plumped for a unit number and then realised it needed something else so I added the band across the centre. It works though so I'm happy with it (I did partially repaint the number '1' the following day as it was 1mm off from the side and just seemed wrong). With this taking so long, starting another was quite daunting but I did do a bit of base work on one the other week. Might be done by Christmas... we'll see.

Got another job under way as well, this time some Foundry pirates. The first three are done bar basing and another seven are due to be done this week. Going for dark and drab colours here as that's what was requested so no stripey trousers or colourful head scarves.

I've also painted up a couple of armoured warriors from Otherworld Miniatures but the varnish is still wet on them so pics will have to wait until next time. That's me done for this post. :)