Saturday, 26 October 2019

Ion Age Retained Knights

Been a while and only a few spam casino comments to delete over all those months. Anyway, I painted something for myself at last so here it is. Three Alternative Armies Ion Age retained knights from their 28mm range.

Really enjoyed painting these and a great bit of old school goodness. I remember when these were first released back in the very early 90's. Liked them back then but never got any. Picked these and a bunch more up on Ebay a few years back and then of course discovered that Alternative were still around and that the range was still in production. Thankfully I still got a bargain so at least I didn't over pay for my Ebay finds.

I'd like to try and maintain focus on these for now. Got two more prepped and ready to start. If I can get some more done after that that would be fantastic but I am eyeing up other things in my lead pile so we'll see.

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Crystal Elf Empire Sorceress

The blog isn't quite dead it's just my own painting projects that are slow to come to fruition at the best of times have been on hold for a little while. I started this Alternative Armies elf sorceress a few months back and the other weekend I finally had both the time and the inclination to actually get some hobby painting done as opposed to all the work painting.

I should point out that the models hands were originally both open and neither had a grasping thumb to hold the staff. I trimmed the thumb off and bent the fingers around using my desk top and brute force until they looked like they'd hold the staff, glued it in place and added a thumb with greenstuff.

This model rounds out my original set of 8 Crystal Elves so it feels like a finished project although I do have a box full of additional models that I'd love to get painted. Anyway, here's everything painted so far.

Monday, 18 March 2019

Crystal Elf Empire Garde

Finally got the third of my Crystal Elf Empire Garde painted up. Another spearman that was almost finished a couple of weeks back but time and inclination weren't on my side when it came to getting the last little bit done. A bit of spare time this weekend though was put to good use and I got it all finished up.

Just one more model to paint from this initial batch of elves, a sorceress that I've already started base coating. I've got plenty more elves I can add later too.

Sunday, 10 February 2019

Crystal Elf Empire Garde officer

I've finally got around to painting something for myself again, another elf from Alternative Armies. This is a Garde officer to go with the spear armed elf from the previous post. It took far longer to get done than planned. I had hoped to have it done by about the end of December but as tends to happen each year around Christmas I crashed and burned and could not get into painting anything.

I made a slight alteration to the model as the sword blade is rather short, the tip being held in his hand in the original sculpt. It just didn't seem offensive enough for my liking so I took a spare metal spear shaft, flattened and shaped it and pinned it into his hand. A pretty simple conversion but I think it makes a big difference.

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Crystal Elf Empire Garde Spearman

Another quick post of a single figure here. Hope these meagre posts aren't too dull (although the view count suggests they are). Anyway, I'm still very much keen on these Alternative Armies elves and this is a Garde spearman. Love the uniforms of these models. I ended up using quite a few different colours on this, the blue and yellow for the coat, green trim, red tassles and of course that bloody great pinky purple feather. All potentially could lead to a gawdy mess but I think keeping them quite muted has made it all work.

I've got a rather nice officer that I plan to do next, then there's another spearman variant but I might get sidetracked by a sorceress before that. More recently I acquired additional command models for these Garde so have a musician, standard bearer and a sergeant for sometime in the future. So much I want to paint and just not really the time to do it all. A familiar story I'm sure.

Monday, 10 December 2018

Crystal Elf Empire Duellist

A quick post here as I add another painted figure to my very slowly growing warband of Alternative Armies Crystal Elf Empire elves. This one is a swordsman, duellist type, a rather haughty looking noble. My first thoughts on a potential colour scheme weren't that different from what I ended up doing but the more I looked at the model the more I kept thinking 'Melnibonean' and 'Elric'. Eventually I couldn't see the model as anything but Elric so I changed my plans and went with the ghostly pale complexion and milk white hair of the albino.

Saturday, 17 November 2018

Crystal Elf Empire dragoons

I've been slowly painting up a few more of my Alternative Armies Crystal Elf Empire models. Another two dismounted dragoons, one being an officer.

At some point it would be nice to get three mounted versions too but for now I'm more focused on infantry types. Anyone who's seen my earlier post where I reviewed the small batch of models I've got will know there's a couple of characters to be done and a triplet of garde infantry. I have acquired a few additional models since though so there are even more pieces vying for my painting time. Most notably some fantastic duellists that are currently not listed in AA's webstore and the Crown Prince Mordred himself. Wish I had more time!