Sunday, 30 October 2016

Pulp characters

In my last post I showed a couple of pulp models I'd been working on so here they are along with a few others. No prattling on, straight into the pics.

Three from Crooked Dice. Flamboyant Agent, Pandora King and the Despotic Dictator.

Next there's Golgo Satana and Dr Fang from Pulp Alley/Statuesque Miniatures.

Sticking with Statuesque there's Professor Felicity Poppington.

And finally a pair of cops from North Star from the Fistful of Kung Fu range.

I also managed to finish my Urban War shock marine! That bugger has been dragging on for quite some time largely because I just wasn't sure what I was doing with the paint scheme. Sometimes I look at a model and know exactly how I'd like to paint it, and other times I just draw a blank. I didn't help matters by adding three lots of freehand insignia. The shield wasn't actually that hard to paint in the end. I did pretty much copy the studio paint job though as I plumped for a unit number and then realised it needed something else so I added the band across the centre. It works though so I'm happy with it (I did partially repaint the number '1' the following day as it was 1mm off from the side and just seemed wrong). With this taking so long, starting another was quite daunting but I did do a bit of base work on one the other week. Might be done by Christmas... we'll see.

Got another job under way as well, this time some Foundry pirates. The first three are done bar basing and another seven are due to be done this week. Going for dark and drab colours here as that's what was requested so no stripey trousers or colourful head scarves.

I've also painted up a couple of armoured warriors from Otherworld Miniatures but the varnish is still wet on them so pics will have to wait until next time. That's me done for this post. :)