Thursday, 1 March 2018

Stormcast Eternals Lord Relictor

Quick post to show my finished Stormcast Eternals Lord Relictor. I started painting this last year when I was on a bit of roll after finishing up a little unit of Liberators. Did pretty well with the main body of the model and was looking to have it done before Christmas with hopes of getting another hero done too. Weeeeeelllll... that went to shit didn't it! I got a little bogged down working on the relic icon thing and then commission stuff kind of burned me out a bit and killed my desire to paint anything. A couple of weeks back I finally managed to force myself to get it finished off. Chuffed to have it done at last and I'm hoping to tackle another soon.


  1. It's never good when you feel obliged to finish a miniature :( Happened to me in the past, and I stopped painting anything during several months. But very nice job... as always!

    1. It's always the commission painting that kills me.

  2. Almost looks 2D, so crisp at the edges. Always wondered how your style would look on these models. I totally get you on the burn out, after a large converted goblin horde I'm several months off the acrylics myself.