Sunday, 28 January 2018

Supergirl & Wonder Woman

Just a couple of models painted recently, both by Knight Models. Supergirl and Wonder Woman.

I'm not the biggest fan of Knight Models but I rather enjoyed painting Supergirl. It was a nice change from stuff I had been working on previously. Quite a simple figure really. Wonder Woman was a bit more tricky though as Knight tend to produce models with very slight detail (it's all there it's just very subtle) and it's easy to lose it under a couple of coats of paint. It was the case with both models but with Wonder Woman's costume being more detailed it was more obvious an issue. Certainly a bit of an eye strainer.


  1. Lovely models but the stand-outs here, IMO, are Supergirl's rich billowing cape and that amazing bronze armour on WW. Great work.

  2. Excellent work! The super-heroines look beautiful.

  3. There are so many great details and beautiful touches - but I'm most impressed by the simple beauty of WW's shield. It's not easy to make a plain shield look so interesting.

    1. Cheers. Just a bit of heavy shading on the lower half and picked out a few surface pits for detail.