Thursday, 21 December 2017

Blood Bowl stuff

Second post in two days! As the title says, Blood Bowl is the order of the day. Final bits and pieces from a commission job spanning two teams. Mostly Chaos dwarves but a couple of pieces for a halfling team. All previously posted here as far as I can recall.

Anyway, the halfling team got a couple of treeman markers. Not sure of the manufacturer off the top of my head or what purpose they serve in game but they're nice little things all the same.

The meat of the pics are for the Chaos dwarves though, mostly big guys. Minotaurs and bull centaurs.

Not painted a black minotaur before so it was a nice change. Varnish came out a bit shiny on this guy but it's not as bad in reality as it looks under my lights. Funnily enough I didn't care too much for this model at first. It's not really from my era of GW (although I do love the current GW stuff). A bit too 90's perhaps but once I started painting it I really fell for the model.

Whilst the mino grew on me the big hat dwarves are not really my thing. Nice and chunky though so not bad to paint although the bull centaurs did take a bit more time and effort than their two legged stunty brethren. A little bit busy in places. Certainly the age of skullz. These and the minotaurs were both real wrist breakers. It's surprising how heavy they can be when you're holding them for hours on end.