Saturday, 23 September 2017

Blood Bowl odds & ends

A quick post here. Just some Blood Bowl bits and pieces that I finished up recently. It's a mix of official and unofficial models. First up there's a few old hobgoblins painted to match some models I painted a few years back. Two extra players and an assassin star player, which I think is a conversion done by the owner.

Also, for a team I painted a while back there's another halfling and some stunned and KO'd treeman markers (by Greebo Games).

Finally there's a pair of familiar looking reporters from Fanath Art (no longer available it seems sadly).

There's more Blood Bowl to come as well over the next few weeks as I have Chaos dwarves to add to the hobgoblins to make up a full team.


  1. All three of those Hobgoblins are conversions. The assassin star player is heavily converted and made up of 6 separate pieces from I think 3 different models. ;)

  2. The reporters are available in the Fanath web: