Sunday, 10 September 2017

AD&D Minotaur

I recently finished a small commission for more Oldhammer type models. This time the old AD&D Minotaur and a pack of wolves.

I've loved this model ever since first seeing it in the Spring 86 Citadel Journal which I bought on my very first visit to a GW store in 1988. It's one of Citadel's best in my eyes and I did finally pick up my own copy of the model on Ebay some years ago.

The wolves are a mix of goblin wolves and Leman Russ' Freki and Geri.


  1. Smooth paint job! The minotaur somehow looks more dangerous than GW's latest plastic ones...

    1. The current plastic minotaurs aren't great although I do like the Doombull minotaur they have in resin. Generally though I've not really cared for mino's and ogres since the 80's releases.

  2. That Minotaur is one of my all time favorite models. And your food an excellent job painting him!

  3. Love the natural tones you've used on the Minotaur. The fading of chest hair into the flesh looks great.

  4. Great skin tone transitions ... lovely work!

  5. Fantastic work on his hide, SCL!

    I've always thought that Minotaur had the most impressive beer-gut in the history of fantasy miniatures.

  6. Ah, I remember those old wolves. The minotaur, I don't recall seeing. He is pretty cool though.