Saturday, 8 July 2017

Zombicide Black Plague - Chauncey

Time for another blog post I reckon. It appears my output has been bloody horrendous over the past couple of weeks, although that is from a quantity point of view rather than one of quality. Anyway, one of the models I've been working on is Chauncey from Zombicide Black Plague. A Cleese-ian looking knight. Not much really to say about this other than it's a bendy plastic model and had some pretty heavy mould lines which did fuck up the mail here and there. Always a problem with these kinds of models. I find the best way to tackle mould lines on this material is to slice away the heaviest and then give the whole model a quick lick of paint before trying to file away the lighter ones. The paint helps to reduce the amount of fuzz created by the file and the plastic files down much more cleanly. I reckon the paint particles help to act like a mild abrasive.