Saturday, 18 February 2017

Miniature13 sci-fi models

A few models here that I was not aware of previously. Miniature13 is the company and is a new one on me. I don't know if there's a background that fits the models or whether they're just 'cool' figures someone wanted to make. Digital sculpts by the look of things and cast in resin. A couple are available in 54mm but these are all 32mm.

Best of the bunch and my favourites are Frontline and Maybe.

I copied the artwork from the Kickstarter for Frontline so it wasn't just a childish decision to write 'fuck' on a model. Not sure if it's clear but somehow I managed to actually paint a number 8 on the eight ball grenade. First attempt came out spot on so I'm chalking that one up as a complete fluke.

Next a Controller.

Finally for this batch, a pair of Scarecrows.

There's a little background material written on the Kickstarter page but I'm not sure if there's a fully realised world for these models to explain exactly who and what everyone and everything is. I've a few more of these models to do so more to come at some point.