Thursday, 4 August 2016

Warband Miniatures Sisters of Serens

Just a quick post today. I've finally finished painting up the Warband Miniatures Sisters of Serens models so it's time for a few pics.

Thankfully after the problems with the first few models I didn't suffer any further breakages whilst working through the rest. It seems Warband had some issues with the resin so I'm wondering whether there was a bit of inconsistency in the quality of the material that may have led to those initial breakages. Just need to get them packed up and across the pond safely now.

Also after whining about lacking the time or inclination to paint anything for myself I did manage to put paint to another Urban War colonial marine. This time part of a mortar team that has been patiently waiting for paint since 2006 when I first prepped the models. He's almost finished in this pic but now I just need to add a shoulder number. Easier said than done though as I might get it bang on first time or it could take half a dozen attempts. The mortar itself shouldn't take too long to paint up. It's a significantly simpler piece of kit than the machine gun was from the last weapons team. If I'm not too busy at the weekend I'll see if I can get it done.

And that's it for this post!


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    1. Ta :) They took a bit longer to get done than first planned though.

  2. Excellent! Not sure about the models for the Sisters of Sigmar (I personally can't understand why anyone would buy a resin model) but the painting is excellent and I like the Marine!

    1. Mordheim came along after my time so I don't really know it that well. I vaguely recall Specialist Games having something battle nun-like though. One of those games like Necromunda that has so many good things said about it I could fancy giving it a go.

      On resin, I think if something is going to be made out of that material it has to be sculpted with that in mind from the start.

    2. I like Mordheim (it was based on Warhammer 5th edition which is the edition I still play!) and I'd recommend it. Also great if you just want to paint a few models but not a whole army!

      I've bought a few resin models (maybe like 1 or 2 every 2 years or so) and I'm always disappointed by them and left wondering why they weren't just made in metal (or even plastic, though cost is the issue there I guess). I personally hate it and I think it combines all the downsides of both metal and plastic and has none of the benefits of either (though perhaps I'm just not a good enough painter to get the best out of it?).

    3. YakTribe has all the Mordheim rules and a load of homebrew mods for download. I downloaded Necromunda (community edition I think) from there a while back and bought some models but that went nowhere like most of my plans. ;)

      I'm old school so favour metal really too. One of the problems with resin is that the quality of the castings can vary so much from one manufacturer to another. Shitty casting quality is guaranteed to fuck me off instantly.

      But also like I say, resin casting needs to be considered by the sculptor too as overly thin and delicate parts are a bloody nightmare to deal with and ridiculous for something intended for the tabletop. If it can barely withstand clean up and painting then it'll never survive a couple of hours of game play! You might be able to cast ultra thin sword blades but what's the point when they're likely to break and not be fixable?

      Then there's the thing about resin giving better reproduction of detail than metal. It does, but it's only a slight improvement and I think only really makes a difference to the painter (once painted though I'm not sure anyone could tell the difference). This does rely on good sculpting and casting though. Too many people put out resin stuff thinking it'll make their models look better or sell better to the resin elitists (kind of goes hand in hand with models coming in a vast number of unnecessary parts which I swear is a marketing ploy to appeal to the same people).

      I won't even bother to mention the hybrid resin plastics like Finecast! Give me metal any day! :)

    4. Hear! Hear!

      And looking forward to seeing your Necromunda stuff ;)