Sunday, 28 August 2016

Guild Ball team and Urban War strike team

I meant to put out a blog post last week but general busyness resulted in that not happening, so this time there's quite a bit to show. No point faffing around so straight onto business.

Had a Guild Ball Fishermen team to paint up, a first for me as I've not done anything from that game before. To be honest I don't really know what it's all about beyond assuming it to be a fantasy football game. Being more familiar with Bloodbowl and it's copycats I was a little surprised at how small the team was. Kind of glad of the small figure count though as there was quite a bit of work to do. Resin models here although I've been told that metal versions are also available. Nice sculpts and pretty clean casting all round. These are digital sculpts but they still have a nice bit of chunk to them so they were good to paint up. Sometimes digital stuff can be a bit small and fiddly but not here. Only downside was the harpoons were all rather bent and no matter how many times I straightened them (in hot water) they always warped back a little. Still, they painted up nice enough.

I've also been squeezing in a little work here and there when the fancy takes me on my Urban War Viridian Colonial Marines. I can't remember whether I showed the mortar team I'd started but today I finished off the spotter so got some pics done.

Really chuffed to be able to get these bits and pieces done as I rarely manage to finish anything. These are just easy to do I find. Along with my other models it gives me a usable strike team I reckon. Had to take a group shot of everything so far.

I've got plenty of additional troops that I plan to add for a bit of variety. If I wanted to go nuts I could expand this beyond a mere strike team and into a full army but one step at a time.

This past week I've also been painting up some fairly random fantasy characters. These need basing and 'proper' pics doing but I may as well show them, they're already out there on the internet anyway.

An old 80's era Citadel dwarf.

An odd little character called Lini for Pathfinder.

A GW Empire warrior priest. Love the face on this model.

And finally another Otherworld Miniatures fighter. I've painted quite a few variants of this model and have lost track of how many I've done.

And that's the lot! A few more fantasy types to do next week and then probably onto some more Red Box Games stuff. Of course I'll try and do a little something on additions for my colonial marines too. Busy, busy, busy.


  1. As always, lovely paint jobs. That dwarf brings back a few memories...I think that's the best paint job I've seen on that mini. I definitely think you should expand those troopers to a full army. You know...just for completeness.

    1. The dwarf was great fun to do. Got loads myself too so very tempted to paint up some in the future (got a small warband painted from a while back that's waiting on a little retouching too).

      As for the troopers, I picked up the Metropolis rule book this year which is the mass battle rule set from Urban Mammoth. I wasn't planning on building up my skirmish force to anything like an army though until I snagged a bargain job lot on Ebay which suddenly gave me several units worth of troops. Part of me is tempted, part of me thinks that way madness lies. ;)

  2. beautiful as always. I'm particularly fond of your dwarf wizard :)

  3. I've run out of interesting ways to say "awesome paint job man", but...they always :)

    Love seeing your work!

  4. Aye, I WANT to pick something out as an exceptional example, but they're all so bloody good. The blue on the guildball team. There, did it. For the sake of it. ;-)

  5. I think that's the best paint job I've seen .