Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Crystal Elf Empire Sorceress

The blog isn't quite dead it's just my own painting projects that are slow to come to fruition at the best of times have been on hold for a little while. I started this Alternative Armies elf sorceress a few months back and the other weekend I finally had both the time and the inclination to actually get some hobby painting done as opposed to all the work painting.

I should point out that the models hands were originally both open and neither had a grasping thumb to hold the staff. I trimmed the thumb off and bent the fingers around using my desk top and brute force until they looked like they'd hold the staff, glued it in place and added a thumb with greenstuff.

This model rounds out my original set of 8 Crystal Elves so it feels like a finished project although I do have a box full of additional models that I'd love to get painted. Anyway, here's everything painted so far.


  1. A really lovely addition to a gorgeous group of miniatures. The yellow accents on her pale aqua blue dress/robe make the whole scheme really vibrant.

    I know you said you've finished the project, but I feel this group would look great with a mounted character just behind the sorceress and duellist ;)

    1. I've got a mounted Crown Prince Mordred that I was going to add at some point. Also have a small selection of different mounted troops, dragoons (to match the ones on foot), cuirassiers and lancers.

  2. Absolutely fantastic! I agree a mounted figure would be a very nice addition when time permits. Great work anyway on a very interesting project.