Saturday, 11 March 2017

Tupi Chiefs

Another quick post here. In the week I painted up a set of Copplestone Castings Amazon Indian Chiefs to go with the sets of Tupi archers that I've painted over the past couple of years. It's nice to add some slightly different models to the group, even if they're not my figures.


  1. Top notch work! Do you mind me asking - what paints do you use to achieve the flesh tones?

    1. I used a base coat of VGC Beasty Brown, highlighted up to VMC Tan Earth then added VGC Stonewall Grey. I actually took pics as I worked through one of the models so I might put a little tutorial together at some point.

  2. Hi Stone,

    Nice paint jobs, as per usual, but what's up with their shiny wangs?

  3. Lovely work! I've always likes these sculpts. Good to see them getting some care and attention.