Sunday, 29 July 2018

Urban War Viridian special forces, again.

Quick post to show the latest additions to my Urban War strike team. Following on from the special forces trooper I posted last time I've painted up another trooper and a sergeant to make a three man team.

And the group shot:

Really chuffed to have these done. I can now move onto painting up the HGR marine conversion I did.


  1. Great work! They look awesome. Is the camo hard to achieve?

    1. I always find getting that first paint job just right really difficult. It took a bunch of attempts before I was happy with the colours, the pattern and just the over all process. Once sorted though it went down pretty easy.

      Green base coat, tan brown pattern, olive brown pattern, then a quick highlight layer on both colours before going back and highlighting the green areas still visible. Thin black wash afterwards put some extra shading in and toned everything down.