Monday, 16 May 2016

Urban War Colonial Marines

I had the camera set up for doing some photo's earlier so decided to get some decent pics of my Urban War Viridians done as well. This is the six man strike team as it currently stands. Trooper no.27 is a recent paint job and the rest are all ten years old but with the some retouching done to bring them up to date (in case anyone hasn't been following my progress with these).

I still need to rebase my saurian rider. I had to wait a while to get some nice big oval bases from GW. I've also been working on a machine gun team of which I nearly have the gunner and gun done. Here's how things stand so far.

I'm hoping to keep up my enthusiasm for these models and get a few more bits done over time. I've got mortars, a bazooka team, special forces, heavily armoured shock marines and interdict drop troopers all tempting me. I'll see how I go.

For anyone interested, a good portion of the Urban War range is available from Scotia Grendel and OOP models are slowly getting re-released. Some came out this month (Viridians to boot!). Well worth checking out. There's also an Urban War Facebook page.