Sunday, 3 April 2016

Red Box Games Aenglish & some Alkemy Kingdom of Avalon

I've been busy painting more Red Box Games stuff for an ongoing commission. Anyone who has been following me for a while will have likely seen plenty of Norse types painted up over the months but this particular job started off with a batch Aenglish. I assume they were intended as opposing forces so it seemed a good idea to get another bunch of Aenglish done to bolster the original warband.

Also as part of this force I'd been sent a set of Alkemy Kingdom of Avalon models which fit quite well with the RBG stuff, especially once painted up in the same colours. Yet again, I'm glad I used a decal as a base for the shield design as it's really helped to keep the image consistent from one model to another.


  1. Beautiful work! You have a fantastic talent. :)

  2. I concur, really beautiful work! I just discovered your blog, it is a real treasure trove of painting inspiration! :)
    How do the Alkemy models work size wise with the Red Box Games models? And how do both of them compare size wise to the Otherworld models (henchfolk)? IF you could show a picture of them together (or just confirm whether they fit well together size wise) I would be happy! I have been eyeing the models form these three ranges, and I think that aesthetically they fit very well together but I am unsure about the size (and have read that Red Box Games are quite small compared to many other "28mm ranges") ?

    1. Glad you like the blog :)

      I stupidly forgot to take a comparison shot at the time of painting these! I had planned to but was rushing to get everything ready to send back to the owner. The sculpting style of the RBG and Alkemy stuff is a little different but these models seemed to work pretty well alongside one another. Whether that's the case for the rest of the Alkemy range I can't say.

      The Otherworld henchmen have also gone back to their owner so I can't do a proper comparison there either but I'd say they're less likely to fit in with RBG. They might work ok with Alkemy.

      RBG are a bit of an awkward step child you could say. It's not so much a matter of scale but proportions. Chunky traditional sculpting doesn't work alongside them. Some people also just don't like the style of the models. Small heads and bulky lower bodies. It's a unique look and a bit Marmite for some. Not sure that's really helped you much but I hope some of my waffling is of use.