Sunday, 24 April 2016

Bushido Models

I suppose I should prove that I have actually done some painting in addition to waffling away on my recent video reviews. This time I've been working on some Bushido stuff from GCT Studios. Some nice models here but quite time consuming to paint in some cases. I was hoping to plough through them pretty quickly but realised that wasn't going to happen after getting some of the simpler sculpts out of the way.

These models are all part of the Prefecture of Ryu faction. I've got another seven models to do but I think I'll have a rest from them and get some other stuff out of the way before tackling them. First up is the starter set.

Next there's Akio Takashi.

And finally Katsumoto Takashi.

The base markings show the forward 180 degree line of sight and the front facing of the models. I tried to keep them pretty subtle (as opposed to those on the Infinity models I've been painting). The symbol on the front is a kanji character that supposedly means 'dragon' which fits this faction nicely. I did find it on a tattoo website though so it may well be wrong or mean something completely different. It's not like I'm getting it tattooed on me somewhere so even if it turns out to mean 'penis' or 'microwave' it's not the end of the world.


  1. Lovely paint jobs - clean and crisp!

  2. Haha, I was thinking the very same thing with the tattoo's Stone :D

    1. Nothing funnier than seeing someone get what they think is a tattoo that means 'wise one' or 'peace' only for them to be told it actually means 'dog' or 'noodles'. lol