Monday, 18 April 2016

Bombshell Miniatures Counterblast - Review

I had the opportunity to do a little review of some Counterblast stuff from Bombshell Miniatures so I've put up a video and got some pics and notes below for those who prefer still images (and without me droning on).

First off, thanks to Patrick Keith at Bombshell Miniatures for arranging this and also to Wendy Cooper at West Wind Productions for sending the stuff out to me.

I was quite surprised when I opened the box and saw that the rule book was a lot smaller than I expected. It's kind of trade paperback size which combined with the cover art made me instantly think of those old adventure game books I had as a kid. It also harks back to the old pulp novels I guess which ties in with the game.

It's a pulp sci-fi skirmish game with five factions battling it out. There are the Edofleini, the Galactic Defense Force, Lancers, Mekkus and the Neiran Empire. All with their own distinct flavour. Lots of stuff in the book (that I've not had a chance to read through yet).


Weapon tables.

Each faction is introduced with a little fluff.

Details of the various troop types your chosen faction has available.

Counters to be photocopied for gameplay.

All the stuff in the book that could do with being pull outs such as tables, stat cards, counters and templates can be downloaded for free from the Bombshell website in the Counterblast Addendum 1.2 PDF. The rule book is also available to download but currently costs $4.99.

I've got two starter factions here, the Galactic Defense Force and the Edofleini. The GDF are an interesting mix of species and the Edo are free floating octopus like creatures.

GDF forces.

Edo gribblies.

Closer pic of the GDF troops. 

The Edo

The GDF have clear plastic helmet domes that you can fit after painting although the models look fine without them too.

A pic of the GDF and Edo together to compare size.

Whenever I see a set of models I wonder whether they'll fit in with any other ranges or be useful in other settings. Here's a quick pic of some GDF with a couple of Hasslefree Miniatures as a comparison.

I've only had a quick thumb through the rule book so I've not had time to really absorb the flavour of the game world and the factions yet. It'll be interesting reading though. The miniatures look great. They're good castings and well sculpted. The GDF in particular seem quite versatile so that's handy. From a painters point of view everything seems very 'paintable' although I'm not sure where I'd start with the Edo. All good stuff!

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