Sunday, 13 March 2016

Infinity Pan Oceania troops

Back to painting some more Infinity models this time. A bit of a change though as most of what I've done Infinity wise has been geared towards the Nomad faction (the red guys if you look back through my gallery) but being given a free reign to pic and choose this time I decided to do some more Pan Oceania troops. Certainly a nice change from the Nomad colour scheme and I'm sure they're much needed reinforcements for their comrades.

Another set of Fusiliers here although these have a different selection of weapons to the first set I did way back whenever. Obviously a sniper and a heavy weapon of some sort in this lot but I'm not too clued up on the subtleties of Infinity firearms.

Then an Indigo Spec-Ops trooper. Similar looking model to the Fusiliers but I wanted to mark him out as being a bit different to them so he got a red beret. That should make him a bit easier to identify on the tabletop and it was a good excuse to  inject an alternative colour into the model.

Finally another Akalis Sikh Commando. I think this one has a different weapon to the first one I painted and I really like the pose of this one.


  1. The Fusiliers are the support pack - L to R: Hacker, HMG, Missile Launcher and Sniper.

    The commando is carrying a Spitfire - a machine gun like mid ranged support weapon.

    Nice job with all the models. Really clean, and suit the Infinity look!