Sunday, 6 December 2015

More RBG Norse

It’s probably about time I made a blog post because as usual I’ve let this slide a bit and completely lost track of how long it’s been since my last post. To be honest I’m finding Facebook infinitely better for throwing quick pics on so if you’re so inclined keep an eye on that. Anyway, this time it’s more Red Box Games stuff. Again it’s Norse types for a growing warband from another commission to that shown in my last post. Six more in the queue and then there’s a box of additional models that I haven’t fully delved into yet so that may be more Norse or perhaps reinforcements for the Aenglish I did as part of this job.


  1. Oh man! They are just stunning. Beautiful beautiful paint jobs.

  2. Amazing, details, palette, character. Supurb.

  3. Hi SCL! Very nice done, I have to paint 4/5 points of Vikings for SAGA rules and I planned to paint them in brown and grey colors. Your pics consolidate me to go ahead in this way. I think it's great color choice for Dark Ages and Medieval period.
    Concerning Facebook, Yep I think it's a great tool for quick pics for community. I consider blog in other way, it's a better archive tool for our work.
    Anyway, both have their place on the web.

    1. I do rather like using muted colours. Look forward to seeing your Vikings painted.

  4. Simply stunning and beautiful. I am in awe!