Saturday, 14 November 2015

RBG and some pulp goodness

I’ve got a few bits and pieces to show this time around. First up is a small band of Red Box Games Norse (although I reckon the might be an Aenglish model or two in there). I’ve already painted versions of a couple of these models but the others are ‘new’ to me. Always good to paint, especially in these muted colour schemes.

Next are a mixed bunch of pulp types. A pair of Top Agents from Copplestone Castings KKBB range. I like Mark Copplestone’s sculpts but I have to admit that painting these alongside some of the other models here really made me think that these are a little dated looking. Still fun to paint though and a nice change after the more intensive RBG models.

Then there’s Dr Strukov & Sister Anaesthesia from Statuesque Miniatures and DA Denton & Red Queen from Pulp Alley. All digital sculpts by Andrew Rae. I’ve no idea if Statuesque and Pulp Alley are one and the same though. Anyway, doesn’t matter as the models are really nice and it goes to show what can be done with a computer and a 3D printer. 



  1. The Red Box figures are fantastic.I have some in my box of unpainted lead that will be used for my LOTR project some day...

  2. Oh my, what stunning painting. Love your style and it's given even more character to these sculpts. Great stuff!

  3. They are simply delightful, you certainly know how to make aech one stand out!