Sunday, 27 September 2015

Eldar Harlequins

These buggers have taken bloody ages to do! They’re quite nice models even though I’m more partial to the original sculpts from the 80’s. The Death Jester is probably my favourite sculpt (and paint job) from this lot with the Shadowseer being a bit of a damp squib of a model for me. Both of these are Finecast as opposed to the rest of the models which are metal. I think I mentioned a few minor issues with the Death Jester in a previous post but in comparison the Shadowseer had quite a few more air bubbles which needed filling. Nothing too bad but an aggravation all the same. The staff was a bit bendy too but I couldn’t safely do anything with that as I didn’t want to attempt softening it and risk being left with wet spaghetti! It’s not too noticeable thankfully.

The first model I painted got a little repaint to make him fit in better with the rest and their darker colour schemes. I also used a bit of gloss varnish on the metals and gems for a change to lift them. It looks nice but has created some additional reflections in my photographs so some of the gems have double highlights by the look of them. Talking of photographs these also proved to be a bit of a pain to do. I was hoping to just line them up and snap a couple of group shots but with them having arms and legs waving all over the place it just looked cluttered. Swords were in faces and weapons were clashing so they all got individual pictures taken in the end. 


  1. Wow. Those are marvellous. Exquisite colours, I truly love what you achieved here.

  2. Just stunning! The shadowseer in particular has a real depth and richness to the paint scheme - I think because of the lovely paint on the faceless mask.

    Gorgeous work!

    1. Cheers :)

      As much as the Shadowseer is my least favourite model of the bunch, I do rather like the plain mask and hood combo.

  3. Great job mate, I always wanted a big Harlequin squad, seriously jealous of these!