Sunday, 2 August 2015

Infinity Nomads

Well, it’s been a little while since my last post but better late than never I guess. I’ve been busy finishing off Infinity stuff as part of the same commission as the large battle suit I showed last time. Facebookers will have likely seen a few pics of these models already. It’s taken a while to get them done purely down to my misjudging the amount of work that was needed to complete that large battle suit. You can see in this picture just how big that bugger is.

It’s funny because many times in the past I’ve seen pictures of larger models but then when I’ve got the figure in hand it’s not seemed quite as big as I perhaps expected. That was the case with various Rogue Trader era dreadnoughts and Warhammer demons from the same time. I’d built up this impression over the years that they were huge but they turned out to not live up to expectation. With this battle suit though the reverse was true as it ended up being much larger than I expected. As I said last time, it’s a fantastic centre piece.

Apart from that there’s the Daktaris who is a doctor apparently and not a sexy stripper cat monkey woman. Oddly enough this model has big googly anime eyes rather than the more realistic eyes of the other models I’ve done from the Infinity range. They painted up nicely though and suit the figure.

There’s Zoe and II-Well. No idea what role Zoe has within the Nomad forces and II-Well judging by his gawky pose looks none too well! He’s a fun little goof-bot though and I really enjoyed painting him up. I decided to go with orange as his main colour rather than red because I liked the studio paint job and thought it would be a nice change from yet more red.

Finally there’s Moran, Maasai Hunter. Not my favourite model but he also comes with a pair of goof-bots which are rather fun. They’re Crazy Koalas apparently and are just funny as balls. I wouldn’t have thought to pair koalas with a Maasai guy but maybe continents don’t mean much in the future! I decided to give them the same colour scheme as II-Well to liven things up.

Next week will be a welcome change of pace as I’ll be tackling some more Tsuba Miniatures Russo-Japanese War Japanese. Mostly cavalry but a few other bits and pieces that will be familiar to most Tsuba fans.


  1. Very nice painting :)


  2. Great painting all round, the skin tone on the Maasai Hunter is very good! Also I will have to remember the term 'goof-bots' =)

  3. I love the color scheme and execution.