Saturday, 18 July 2015

Infinity battlesuit

It’s that time again! After doing the RBG stuff I got to paint a few models that weren’t quite so taxing. I can’t show them yet but they were fun to do and a much needed change. After those though I ploughed straight on into another batch of Infinity Nomads, so no rest for the wicked, or some such bollocks (when I first typed that line I managed to put ‘suck’ instead of ‘such’. H and K aren’t next to one another on the keyboard. Very Freudian!).

If there’s one thing you can guarantee with Infinity models it’s that they will take bloody ages to clean up and assemble. They do like to break a model down into as many pieces as they can! Looking at the assembled models I’m sure a few could have been made with fewer parts. They’re also prone to make the occasional delicate part that is nigh on impossible to pin but that really needs to be pinned! That was a bad habit of Knight Models too from what I recall after assembling some of their Star Wars models.

As part of this batch of models there’s a big battlesuit from the Iguana Squad set. I hadn’t paid much attention to this model when it had arrived, I’d just put it in the ‘to do’ pile and gotten on with things. When it came to assembling this beast though I quickly realised it was going to be a lot bigger than most things I paint. It stands about 65mm tall and will be mounted on a 55mm base when finished. I really should have taken a scale shot with a ‘regular’ sized model but I forgot about that until I’d put the camera and lights away (typical!).

Frustratingly this is still a WIP as it’s taking a lot longer to paint up than I first estimated. It’s coming along pretty well though and should make a nice army centre piece. I approached the painting of this a little differently to how I normally work. I usually paint one part of a model entirely before moving onto the next part. So for example I might paint a model’s trousers, do all the highlighting and then paint the shirt and all of it’s highlights and so on. These armoured pieces from Infinity though have a lot of different surfaces and sections to paint and unless everything is going to be the same colour, which would be boring, it’s important to plan the placement of the different colours. I like to make sure there’s enough contrast between different colours and the armour plates and details are broken up enough by those colours so with this piece I ended up applying all the base colours before moving onto the highlighting. So that’s black, dark grey, red and off-white. It really helped me to get an idea of what I was aiming for with the final paint job and a few areas got repainted if the colour placement didn’t work. The off-white chest plate and sections on the weird codpiece started off dark grey but as the composition came together I realised they needed to contrast more and create more of a focal point.

Due to the size of this piece it really needs plenty of painted details to bring it to life so I’ve started adding little symbols and information text (just dots and squiggles at this scale) where appropriate. The number on the front is a decal left over from when I painted up a Bloodbowl team. I think a few more things are needed here and there just to make it ‘pop’ if you will.

Hopefully it’ll be done soon.


  1. Beautiful clean paint job! Did you use an airbrush for the majority of the surfaces?

    1. Just a regular paint brush. An airbrush would be cheating wouldn't it?! ;)

    2. Of course it would!

      Well done again!

  2. Smooth colour transitions on the armour. Very nice indeed!