Friday, 5 June 2015

Pulp, Oldhammer & a little Cap'n A

The last few models I’ve painted up have been an interesting mix of different things. I finished off the pulp Nazis from Pulp Figures, The Red Skull (aka Herr Totenkopf) from What The?! Miniatures, painted up an old Citadel Thrud the Barbarian and did a 35mm Captain America from Knight Models. All were great fun to work on. 


  1. Great stuff. Love the skin on Thrud. All are lovely, as always!

  2. Red Skull is "Herr Totenkopf" by 'What the! Miniatures.

  3. Great work again!
    My 3,5 years young son just spotted me reading your blog and said:
    "Dad, can I have that Captain America?"

    Looks like I know what is next to paint after dealing Warzone stuff I have on the desk :)

  4. Your clean, crisp style is amazing and looks great on all these figures. The skin painting on Thrudd is excellent. Would love to see a step by step tutorial by you?

    1. In lieu of a proper tutorial I can give you the colour recipe. Base coat VGC Beasty Brown then layer up with VMC Tan Earth, then add VGC Bonewhite. I should try and get a tutorial worked out though.

  5. Very very nice. Not a fan of Cap America, but that painting is lush.