Sunday, 14 June 2015

Forge World Solar Auxilia

This past week I’ve been busy working on a Solar Auxilia Veletaris Storm Section from Forge World. Now I’ve heard plenty of shitty things said about Forge World stuff over the years, miscasts, excessive gating and damaged items being the main issues I recall. So when I settled down to start work on these models I was a little apprehensive. Turns out they were fine though. The castings were pretty good and everything went together reasonably well. There were three minor breakages but seeing as these were not sent to me direct from FW I can’t hold that against them. One model had part of the shoulder rail missing but that was a fairly easy fix with a bit of metal rod and some putty. The other two models had the speaker/lamp thing on the left hand side of their back packs broken off. Another easy fix to pin them back on although there was a moments panic when I realised only one piece was rattling around the packet they came in! Thankfully I had a spare piece after discovering that the comms trooper needed his removing to fit the aerial to his back pack. All was good then.

I’ve not followed FW’s output for a while and I’m really not up to date with GW either so these models are something quite different for me considering where they’re from. I think they’re great though and have a hint of steam punk, Fallout and even a touch of Bioshock about them. They could be shoe horned into all manner of backgrounds.

I was hoping to have more of the section done by now but a combination of underestimating how time consuming they were going to be plus a week of not getting enough sleep just worked against me. So here they are so far, half a section ready to have their bases painted.


  1. Kick arse paint jobs as always Stone Cold :)

  2. Excellent! Never been into 40k so I dont have a clue what all that Horus Heresy is about but the models do look nice!

  3. Very nice! :)