Sunday, 3 May 2015

Oldhammer & Gierburg

Admittedly I’ve been somewhat lax on the blogging front these past few weeks but I have been busy painting as anyone who follows me on Facebook will know. First of all I’ve just finished a commission for another set of old Citadel models that are part of a warband I started painting a little while back. A nice mix of different characters and even an orc! He’s supposed to be a half orc though, hence the tan brown skin tone rather than green. I actually used some old 1980’s Citadel Orc Brown to paint his skin so that was a real step back in time. Not sure who makes the dog but he fits in quite nicely.

And here’s the first half of the warband as a reminder for anyone who doesn’t remember where this started.

Next up, some highwaymen done for Cianty’s Gierburg. It’s a fantastic project that Cianty has been working on for a while now and is something I wish I had time to do myself (although I’d want to depict Rackham’s Cadwallon!). The first pair are from Foundry and the rest are all Outpost Wargame Services models.

I painted the dismounted versions of these OWS models some time ago. I won't post pics here as the models are spread between several images but you can check them out in my Gierburg gallery.

Next in the queue to be done are some Crooked Dice models and then a few other odds and ends until I get back to some of the larger commissions I’ve got on the go. As ever, little time for my own projects but I am occasionally getting to put a bit of paint on my models. I’m not going to show any WIPs though as more often than not that’s how they stay until the models get cleared off my desk and put back in a box! If I ever finish anything then I’ll show it.


  1. Some great old figures there. And brilliant work as always

  2. Wow, those are really good. Extra lovely work!

  3. Brilliant - beautiful work. I especially like the half orc.

    Very inspirational.


  4. Wonderful selection of classic models in those Citadel pics...and superb painting as always.

  5. Fantastic paint job, they look great!

  6. The warband is so cool! Love your painting style