Saturday, 30 May 2015

Infinity and some pulp

So, as ever I’ve somewhat neglected my blog in favour of Facebook so some of what I’ve got to show here may have already been seen. Anyway, I’ll kick off with the last job that I finished during the past week, some more Infinity stuff. A handful of Nomads and a couple of civilians

A squad of Hellcats. The shoulder insignia are over painted decals. I originally left it at just the Nomad emblem on the left shoulder but it seemed like there was something missing. I decided to scan the Hellcat emblem on the blister card and add that to the other shoulder and did the job. I always over paint my home made decals as they aren’t the best resolution and the colours just aren’t bold enough.

Next is an Intruder (clearly a sniper) and a Reverend Custodier… no idea when it comes to Infinity so it’s just a cool model to me.  

Finally there are two civilians. Love the corporate type with her hidden briefcase SMG. Gogo Marlene appears to be a singer. The client wasn’t too sure about the yellow clothing of the studio paint job but when I came to paint the model I couldn’t get the yellow out of my mind. I didn’t want to use red or blue as that might tie in too closely with one of the factions I’d done. So I stuck with the yellow but decided to go for pink hair to really play up the J-Pop style of the model.  

I also started work on my next job which is a few pulp items. More evil Nazi types to go with a set that I painted some time ago (and had completely forgotten I’d done!). They’re Bob Murch sculpts and have been a real joy to do, especially after the more labour intensive Infinity pieces. The Red Skull is by another sculptor but I’m not entirely sure who. Just two more of these black clad fellas to do and then onto a Knight Models Captain America and an old school Citadel Thrud.



  1. Very nice work. I love the pulpy Nazis - though SS wouldn't have brown shirts; they were reserved for SA (stormtroopers) as far as I know. Still, they look great :)


    1. Cheers :)

      These are Allgemeine SS that wore brown shirts rather than the Waffen SS that would have worn grey of one sort or another.

    2. Fair enough - I've learned something now ;)