Saturday, 4 April 2015

RBG Aenglish Warband

It's taken a while to get all of these done but it's satisfying to see them finished at last. I did make the mistake of leaving a few of the more detailed pieces till last which meant they started to feel like a bit of a drag but I really wanted to plough on and finish the job. I've painted most of these models as part of previous commissions although there are a few new ones to me. I'm particularly fond of the slightly porky guy with the mace. Great bit of character in that piece, especially the face. Nice to have another stab at the lantern bearing monk although no lighting effect this time. Really nice model but one that took longer to finish than hoped.

I should point out for anyone who hasn't been following this commission that the shield design is based on a decal rather than being true freehand. I've hand painted a similar design in the past on an Aenglish footman's shield but with so many models needing the same emblem here I needed to ensure that I could reproduce it accurately. A great way to do that is to paint over a decal. I found a suitable image online, printed it off on clear decal paper and applied that to the shield. I then just painted over it. The decal is completely covered and looks very much like freehand.


  1. WOW, fantastic job! Great colour scheme and blending, thumbs up!

  2. Excellent work! The Red Box figures have left me cold somehow in the past - that may very well change right now! The decal idea really works, might try it myself.

  3. Excellent painting! Not a fan of the style of sculpting of these, but the paintjob really makes them look very nice!


  4. Nice warband. Any plan to extend it with the Aenglish men Tre produced last year?

    1. It's a commission job so I'm not entirely sure. There are some opposition in the queue though.

  5. Fantastic paintjob on these minis, they look great, beautiful details!