Sunday, 12 April 2015

Digging up my old Rackham stuff

Well it's been another week of work I can't show yet so I've decided to delve into my meagre collection of models and photographs for a little something. I've been on a bit of a Rackham kick all week having grabbed a few bargains off Ebay and found a few more copies of Cry Havoc I was after (not quite bargain prices on these though!).

It took a few years for me to come around to Rackham's stuff so it was Christmas 2003 when I finally bought some Lions of Alahan models (I had painted a few Rackham models previously though but not for myself). I painted a few pieces as time went by but never got a full warband finished. I've bought most of my collection since Rackham went tits up (a travesty but their own bloody fault - PPP FFS!) and now have quite a pile of metal. I'd love to get some of it painted but anyone who tries to follow my own personal projects will know how that tends to turn out!

Anyway, here's a few photo's of what little I have painted. The first is a Griffin Icon Bearer that I did mid 2003 and is the first Rackham piece I painted. This must be my first attempt at NMM too as I was trying to emulate the studio paint jobs. It's not bad but the effect doesn't quite work. This is the original photo I took back then as I no longer have the model.

Next is a Wolfen warrior, again the original photo from a little later in 2003. Another piece I no longer have. The NMM on the blades was rushed just to get it done.

Then there is a Bard of Alahan which I painted for myself. Still not quite got the hang of NMM here. This was the start of my warband and was done early 2004. A few months after doing this my job with Griffin Miniatures came to an end after they almost went under (again!) and this piece was sold on Ebay.

Then we're onto a few models that I still own and have re-photographed. There are a set of Reapers of Alahan. The first (the green coat and grey hair) was painted sometime in 2004 the other two were done very early in 2005 after a brief hiatus from painting. It was a real struggle to get the hang of the brushes again I recall even though I'd only had a couple of months off. I think the blue coat and white breeches is my favourite colour scheme of these. Still faffing around with the NMM too.

Next is a Falconer of Alahan that I think I did in 2004. I spent ages getting the layering on the coat to be as smooth as possible (bloody insanity looking back on how I used to work) but it really lacks depth. The falcon was a pain in the arse to both paint and attach.

Alahel the Messenger was painted in 2006 I think. An online retailer was having a painting contest and I decided to enter in the hope of winning a gift voucher or something. I didn't win anything. After this piece I decided to pack in the NMM as I just couldn't get my head around it.

Finally there's a set of Guards of Alahan I did a few years ago. Not quite sure exactly when but sometime after 2009. These have already been shown in my gallery but the pics look a bit crap as I was going through a phase of Photoshopping the models onto backgrounds. A lot of messing around to do that properly and I don't care for it anymore so this is a nice new photo. Metallics here instead of NMM. I cut a few corners on these and my metallics are better now I reckon. If I ever get to a point where all of my other guards are painted (yeah, right!) then these might get redone. In fact all of these models might get redone to some extent one day to match any future paint jobs.

And that's that! 



  1. Terrific paintjobs on some beautiful figures. Rackham really set the standard back in the days and they showed that there can be something else (even better) than GW sculpts. Shame they ruined it but their influence can still be seen today. Always liked their Undead most, still got their Alderan in the box of unpainted lead!

    1. Yeah, Rackham certainly changed things. A real shame they over extended themselves (and fucked up the legacy of Confrontation to boot!).

  2. Those are incredible! It always makes me sad that Rackham are gone, you could have worked for them!

    1. Cheers :)

      It is rather unfortunate that no one has been able or willing to pick up the whole range (not counting CMON's money grab a little while back!).