Sunday, 8 March 2015

Various Sci-Fi odds and ends

Back to the blog! It's been a busy week and I've been painting various odds and sods. All sci-fi of one sort or another and a real mix. Some good, some bad and some that I changed my opinion of (for the better) as I worked on them. I'll kick off with my favourite of the lot, a set of Space Girls from Effigy Miniatures. These are some of the models that I did a bit of a heel turn on. When I first got them and checked out the pics online I wasn't overly enamoured with them but once I started painting them I realised they were really nice little models. Yeah, they're a bit goofy and caricatured but I quite like that.

Next there's something from Reaper Miniatures, Sarah Blitzer, IMEF Sniper. Again this was a model I didn't care for initially but it really grew on me. It doesn't look out of place next to the Effigy girls so I think that helped change my mind on it. She's a little bit bigger than them but she is lugging around a big fucking gun!

There's also the Studio McVey Kara's Last Stand model. A Kev White sculpt so pretty much guaranteed to be a nice clean bit of sculpting from the get go. Annoyingly I had to do quite a bit of base colour painting before I could attach the arm with the pistol as it would have made painting very difficult if I hadn't. Kind of threw me off my painting routine and ended up taking longer than hoped. Came out nicely in the end though.

Then we've got another Space Girl, this time from CMON (Cool Mini or Not). A lot of white on this one. It was nice to do the orange helmet visor and get a bit of colour in there.

This is the awkwardly named Saviour of Galaxy from North Star. This is a 28mm model but they also have a larger version. Pretty uninspiring sculpt really and I wouldn't be surprised if it was a digital print as it looks very much like a scaled down version of the larger model. Annoyingly it's one of those models where the arms fit perfectly onto the body but then the wrists don't line up with the hands on the gun! I don't understand how that can happen with a resin cast (with metal you can get distortion in the mould making process).

Finally my least favourite of the bunch. An alien guy, no idea where it's from. Bit of an indistinct sculpt. I can't tell what's going on with the arms and legs. Are they clothed, bare, bionic...? It's resin too, perhaps a poor choice for such spindly arms and legs and the casting wasn't too good either. Did what I could.


  1. Awesome painting as per usual Stone Cold, but I think that woman holding up the sniping rifle isn't lugging it around with her. She kinda looks like she's thinking "how the fuck am I going to pick this thing up?!!!"

    The first three female minis do indeed look great!


  2. Great, absolutely awesome, I love how you take on these projects

  3. Lovely paintwork, particularly on Kara. The Effigy models look nice too!