Sunday, 15 March 2015

RBG Aenglish

Just a quick pic for this week. Some Red Box Games Aenglish I've been working on. These are almost finished. They just need another coat of varnish and the base rims painting. The tower design on the shields is actually based on a decal I printed off. I wanted to maintain uniformity between all the shields and also make my life a little easier. I have painted a similar design from scratch in the past (on another RBG Aenglish soldier) but trying to accurately repeat something like that was just going to be a problem. The decal just provides a nice outline for colouring in. It still takes a bit of time but nowhere near the faff that full on freehand would. There are more of these in the queue so later in the week I'll be doing more and rounding out the warband.

And just a little house keeping... apparently the 'Join This Site' button wasn't working for a while (thanks for pointing that out Baconfat) so I removed that gadget and replaced it, hopefully that's working now. While I was at it I added a Facebook thing so give it a click if you're also on there. I do tend to throw quick pics of stuff I'm working on up there. I've also added a search box as it might be useful to some.