Sunday, 25 January 2015

The Lichemaster and some Oldhammer goodness

Anyone following me on Facebook will have seen a few of these models already, if not all of them by now (click the FB button on my homepage). All commission stuff as ever and some fun pieces to work through. First up I got the chance to paint up the original Heinrich Kemmler 'Lichemaster' model. Perhaps not the most imposing of characters by todays standards but a lovely little sculpt in my opinion. It's tempting to go search Ebay for one for myself but I know the prices go fairly high so I'll have to pass on that for now.

I've also painted up the first half of a little warband of various rogues and bandit types. Some of these I showed earlier in the week on FB. Nice old sculpts and a few of my personal favourites in there (the archer and the halberdier). There were a few times on a couple of the figures where I found myself a little stumped as to what some piece of detail was supposed to be. It happens sometimes on old models. Maybe the sculptor didn't do a good job of making that blob of putty look like whatever they intended or perhaps it's the result of an old worn mould. Who knows! Best thing to do is paint it brown and move on. LOL

Finally there's a one off sculpt of a frog warrior. This is for another warband that has been painted by another painter but they weren't able to fit in this last model so I got the job. Hope he fits in. It's a great model. When it arrived it had already been painted purple and I thought I'd use the same colour scheme when repainting it but I couldn't get the shade of purple I wanted without it looking too pink and twee. Finally I changed tact completely and went with the jade green and pale under belly. 


  1. Fabulous looking Oldhammer figures - they have a charm and quality hard to match.

  2. Awesome - especially the bandits look great!

  3. I too adore those bandits! Just beautiful!