Monday, 5 January 2015

New year...

... same shit.

First blog posting of the new year! I've not been particularly active online over the past couple of weeks. The whole Christmas thing is always a frustrating distraction and buggers up my work schedule every year. It was nice to have a few days off though and not touch a paint brush. Difficult to get back into the swing of things but all is returning to normality now.

Santa didn't bring any new toys but then again I rarely bother with anything miniatures related at Christmas. I did wonder if my Robotech Kickstarter stuff would arrive but that was a big no. Only 12 months late for those of us outside the US. My one and only Kickstarter backed and it's played out like the vast majority seem to. I'll stick to pissing my money away on second hand Citadel stuff on Ebay! I did buy myself a DAC to connect my PC to my Hi-Fi so I can play music through my amp. It's kind of useful from a work point of view as it's much easier to browse through my music in iTunes than it is standing in front of shelves full of CDs. Should be a great time saver.

I'm not one to reminisce on the previous year or make resolutions for the new year, but... I do think the end of the year saw my biggest influx of commissions at any one time. I always expect the run up to Christmas to see work dry up but every year I'm surprised to see it make little difference. So I'm starting the year with a very full to do pile and I'm not complaining. I'll see if I can pull my finger out and get some video stuff done this year too. Had high hopes to do that last year but, you know how it goes.

Anyway, enough with the waffling, nobody's interested in that shit. What we all really want are some pictures! I'm still working through the Blood Bowl halflings and their rather sinister woodland big guys. I just need to do the base work on most of the models. Another treeman is underway though. This commission has a couple of extra bits to do as well. An ogre, a couple support staff and another tree fella.

Those who follow Crooked Dice will have seen their new years release of some rather nice Temporal Travellers. Group pic here but individual shots in my 7TV gallery.

And that's my lot for now.

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  1. Great stuff here, and the paintjob on those girls looks awesome.
    Colour scheme on the red haired is just about perfect!