Sunday, 18 January 2015

Halfling Blood Bowl Team

I've been working through this commission for a little while now and it's finally all done. Anyone who follows me on Facebook will have seen odds and sods from the more recently painted models. It's a lot easier for me to quickly throw photo's on FB than to mess around with blogs and forums for every little thing so if you're a Facebook sort then it's worth following me over there. There's a FB button to my page on the website homepage (can't put one here and it doesn't like linking either!). Of course I'm still posting on my blogs (here and on my website) but these will have the more meatier updates.

Anyway, the team is a bit of a mix of various eras of Blood Bowl and other Citadel stuff. The halfling players are all 80's models, the chef and treemen are from the 90's and the branch wraith is a much more recent model. The kangaroo coach is from Greebo and the "balls" are from elsewhere. Player numbers and Morg's shoulder number are all decals. The numbers are all home printed and needed filling in white on the halflings. Morg's shoulder pad uses one of my numbers and some wings from an old space marine vehicle decal sheet.


  1. Super work as always. I love the balls they are inspired!

    1. Thanks :) The balls are rather fun. Painting the frog reminded me a little of the old Talisman toads.

  2. Best halfling team I've ever seen. The Packers scheme works very well. Congrats

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