Sunday, 7 December 2014

Pan Oceania Infinity stuff done!

Job Done!

Had a bit of a fiddle with my camera before taking these pics. I've had a few minor problems with the focus on recent photo's and I'd never really figured out the depth of field thing either. Then the other day I read a comment from Agis in a thread over on LAF about changing the lense aperture to improve depth of field and it nudged me into going through my camera manual again. So with a few minor tweaks I think my pics have improved a bit. I also had to find a different background to my usual blue one so thought I'd try green. Coincidentally it matches the base tops!


  1. Very nice paintjob, and so clean! The red part of the Nisse's helmet is a good idea for green optics :)

  2. Your painting looks so good. Your application is so smooth, the figures look like porcelain. What's your secret to such a smooth finish? I know probably just diluted paints, but anything else? ie. tons of layers, etc.

    1. Pretty much that. Not a ridiculous amount of layers of colour though, just careful blending of each layer into the previous one. A good bit of matt varnish at the end helps too. ;)

  3. Absolutely lovely paint job, don't suppose you would be kind enough to share which colours make up the blue? i've recently started a Pan'O force and i cant seem to settle on the right blues, yours however look excellent. i particularly like how vibrant the shading is, mine have been coming out too dark in the recesses for my taste.

    thanks in advance :)