Friday, 5 December 2014

Infinity Pan Oceania stuff almost done

Like the title says, almost done just need to paint the base edges and some LOS markers. Just in case anyone's wondering, no, that's not freehand insignia there! I cheated and printed out some decals but did need to over paint them to tidy them up. I'll have better pics once the bases are tootled up.


  1. Stumbled onto this as a newbie to Infinity and painting minis. Your models look amazing, they really capture the anime/comic look of the game. Any chance you remember the paint colors/mixes you used for the Op:Ice Storm stuff? I read your tutorials here and I'm going to try and paint mine in a similar fashion, but my first attempt to match the vibrancy of the blue on your models really fell flat. Mine just look flat and kind of blah (can't really describe it, not an art major, lol) compared to your bright colors.

    1. Glad you like the paint jobs. :)

      The blue on these is just Vallejo Game Extra Opaque Heavy Blue highlighted with Vallejo Model Color Light Green Blue.

      Anything else just ask.