Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Couple of bits and pieces and some basing

A few pics of some new/soon to be released models from Crooked Dice and Spectre Miniatures.

I painted up a set of Chronal Commandos for Crooked Dice. Wish I'd been able to photograph all of the models together but it just wasn't possible.

Then there are a couple of modern special forces types I did last week for Spectre Miniatures. Tricky to do some of the modern camo designs at this scale. The desert camo is supposed to be one of the digital designs. I think it came out well enough but is more impressionistic than a scale version. I've forgotten the name of the green camo but it's a slightly more splodgy design made up of small patches and spots of colour. Again more impressionistic.  

I also thought I'd show a little something I've been meaning to get done for ages now and have finally gotten around to doing. When I started painting up my Bretonnians I decided to mount all my models on round slotta bases. Bit of a no-no for some gamers but I think round bases look a lot nicer than square ones and those 20mm square bases just aren't big enough for some models. Plus if I'm honest I'll probably never get to play Warhammer so it really doesn't matter.

Anyway, this left me with a bit of a problem when it came to thinking about painting up cavalry. I didn't want to use rectangular bases alongside the round based infantry. Round bases (larger ones of course) look good when used with mounted models but they do take up a lot space especially if you need to use 50mm diameter ones for those bulky plastic horses. I thought about going with pill shaped bases but couldn't find any plain chamfered edge ones to match the round bases. I looked at GW's bike bases but they were too long and would have needed cutting down. On top of that they're quite pricey. Years ago I made a pill shaped base by cutting up a rectangular base and two round bases and sticking them together but it was a lot of messing around. Then I used some oval MDF bases on some historics I was painting and rather liked the look of them for my own stuff. Of course they didn't have the depth or the angled edge to match my slotta bases which wasn't ideal. No one makes oval slotta style bases either as far as I know.

Having finished the rank and file for my Bretonnian brigand warband the next model in line is the brigand leader which will be one of the mounted knights I've got. So without any other options (that I'm happy with anyway) I decided it was time to make my own damn base! Oval was the plan so I took one of the MDF bases I had spare and used that as the basis for my base. That was already 2mm thick so I used a piece of 1mm thick plastic sheet to raise the height. I drew around the MDF oval on the sheet but cut the plastic slightly smaller to accomodate the chamfered edge. I rounded the top edge of the MDF base then glued the plastic oval on top. A bit of putty filled the base edge and was sanded smooth and as evenly as I could get it.

I could have just used it like that but I decided to make a simple mould using Oyumaru and cast the base using putty. That way I could hopefully make more bases when needed. I wanted the base to be nice and rigid but not brittle. I was a little concerned that the edge could chip if knocked hard enough. So I went with a Milliput superfine white and green stuff mix. About two thirds Milliput to one third green stuff. The idea being that the Milliput would be rock hard but that little bit of green stuff would hopefully make it less brittle around the thinner bottom edge.

The mould took a couple of goes to get a good one. It's still not perfect but it's good enough. The base moulded really well although I did have to do some sanding to remove a little excess from the edge where the Oyumaru hadn't quite filled. Not too bad though. The base is nice and solid just like I hoped and I'm probably happier with it than I would have been had I been able to find a resin manufactured version somewhere.



  1. Splendi dmodels as always and excellent report on the bases !

    The milliput / GS combo is one I've found only recently but it works wonders !it seems to be the best of both worlds although it takes ages to cure (from the couple of times I tried it).
    Casting resin could be a way to go too I guess if you ever need to make loads.

    1. I did wonder about trying to make a better mould and looking for an alternative casting medium. The only problem with resin (apart from it being horrible stuff to work with) is that I get the impression most resin casters use open top moulds for bases and I don't like the uneven surface that results in. Maybe a fully enclosed mould would give a better finish but I don't know the ins and outs of resin casting enough to know if that's workable.