Sunday, 23 November 2014

Bretonnian crossbows & Otherworld stuff

I managed to push on with finishing the fifth Bretonnian crossbowman. This one has been sitting half finished on my desk for many weeks. Another victim of a moment of enthusiasm that quickly waned in the face of a heavy workload and a brief obsession with playing Assassins Creed IV. As such it proved to be a bit of a chore to paint when I finally made myself pick it up again. I've got more crossbowmen but for now I just want the five painted to go with my small unit of brigands. Maybe in the future I'll do some more but I'd rather do a few other bits and pieces to flesh out my brigands before that.

I've also photographed all the Otherworld stuff I was working on the other week. Most of these models have already been shown but a few haven't.

Giants... including two conversions.

And I never showed the back of this model. He's got a pair of pigs for dinner!

There's also the Ettin.

A pair of grizzlies for wilderness encounters.

Some spiders. Not exactly gigantic, but big enough all the same.

A drow sorceress

And of course the giant spider!



  1. Some outstanding work on display here. Especially like the colors/patterns on the smaller spiders. Very eye-catching.

  2. Perfect and inspiring, as always!

  3. Fabulous brushwork on all of them!

  4. Lovely work! Is your new Xbowman holding a Foundry Xbow? Looks perfect.

    1. Yeah, the Foundry xbows fit perfectly, in fact better than the original plastics which always looked like they were never really part of the model.