Sunday, 2 November 2014

A few sci-fi bits

It's that time of the week again where I say "blimey, I've not posted anything for a couple of weeks!". As ever it's been a busy week painting things I can't show yet, but I do have a few bits from the previous week. Two female characters from Brother Vinnie, Natalya the Werewolf and some sort of spellcasting schoolgirl, probably based on a film or TV character.

There's also an android but I've no idea who makes it. It's a resin casting but that's all I know.

As part of the same commission I had a few vehicles to do from Antenocitis Workshop. Vehicles are a bit out of my comfort zone as I've not paint many over the years and I don't own an airbrush either which I think makes a big difference when it comes to painting these things. The biggest issue I found when painting these with a regular brush was just trying to get a good even finish to the base coats. A lot of the time you might need two or three coats to get a solid covering but these large flat surfaces took a lot more layers than I first expected. I assume an airbrush would also require a lot of coats to cover evenly but at least with that you're not also trying to avoid/cover brush marks.

With the highlighting I tended to go with a very subtle lighter layer on the upper surfaces and then just focused sharper highlights on the panel edges. I also painted the undersides of the cars in slightly darker colours to add extra shading when viewed from the side (these are only hover cars and aren't aircraft). I didn't go with my usual matt varnish on these and instead opted for some old Citadel 'matte' Purity Seal. It actually gives a satin finish which I never liked for my usual models but for things like these civilian cars it works well giving them a bit of shine as you'd expect with those kinds of vehicles. The varnish has killed the highlights a bit though. If time was no factor I could have worked each panel to create more shading but that would have been impractical. If these were military or utilitarian vehicles I could have easily dirtied them up to add extra depth but that would have looked out of place. I might pass on more vehicles until I can get (and master) an airbrush.

Next week I'll be painting some giants from Otherworld Miniatures. Four of the buggers to do so I've no excuse for not updating my blog other than laziness next week.

Not much going on with my own projects at the moment although I am trying to force myself to finish off another Bretonnian crossbowman. It's half done and just needs me to not get distracted by other things. The biggest distraction for the past few weeks though has been Assassin's Creed IV which I got hooked on after finishing Splinter Cell Blacklist and getting bored with Minecraft and Skyrim. Less than half way through AC IV but I've been obsessed with the free roaming gameplay where you sail your ship around and plunder enemy vessels. Great fun and more exciting than another 'follow character X without being spotted' mission. Also, and just to rant for a moment, I know part of the AC thing is that it's all supposed to be a simulation and you're playing a character who's also playing a character, but why?! What does it bring to the game? When I'm running around as this pirate assassin why suddenly rip me out of the game and destroy any sense of immersion by plonking me into some near future office building where the mission is to go to the elavator and hand a flash drive to a courier before having to find my way back to my office cubicle?!!! Why the fuck do that?!

Anyway, rant over.


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    1. I found where the android is from: Studio McVey. It's Tumult the AI in Envoy form.

    2. Fantastic! Thanks for letting me know. :)