Saturday, 4 October 2014


It's another of those blog updates where I don't have any recent paint jobs to show. The stuff I've been working on is all hush hush for now so I'm not sure exactly when I'll be able to show that. Thankfully though I can show some models I painted a few weeks ago. A couple of new sets of zombies from Studio Miniatures. I guess you can never have too many zeds.

And that's my lot! My own projects have stalled for now as I've kind of lost interest in painting. I'd really like to get stuff done but I just can't be arsed with it. Hopefully motivation will return sooner rather than later.

I picked up a couple of copies of the Space Hulk re-print the other week when it was briefly available. Glad I spotted the pre-order go up on the Friday night otherwise I might have missed out again.

 The first time around I wasn't interested in the new version as I was quite happy with my old battered 1st edition game. Annoyingly at the time I'd just started obsessing over the metal terminators from 1989 and was trawling Ebay for reinforcements for the set I'd already got. The new interest in Space Hulk ended up pushing up the prices of everything 'Hulk related so my little obsession cost me a bit more than it might otherwise have done. Typically, a day or two after the new Space Hulk had sold out I realised just how nice it was and kicked myself for not grabbing a copy.

It's a great looking game and I'm really glad I've got it on the shelf now (where it will probably stay). I noticed a few dissenting voices on the internet when the re-release was announced. People bitching about how they thought it was supposed to be a 'limited edition' back in 2009, proof that GW are money grabbing bastards! Thing is, to my knowledge it was never sold as a 'limited edition', just like this printing was not sold as a 'limited edition'. There's a difference between a limited edition collectors item and something having only an initial production run and no intention of sinking further investment into additional print runs when it's sold out (whilst also not promising to not re-print it!). Anyway, I'm glad GW did re-release it (and not just because of the dead marine on throne model).

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