Sunday, 7 September 2014

More Fallout

It's been a busy week trying to get the rest of the Fallout models painted up. I thought I was going to be on track for having everything done but I forgot there was a super mutant to do as well. Rather than leave the big guy till last I decided to get him out the way at the end of the week which left me with a wasteland sniper to paint up.

First up there are some Mr Gutsies. I've been calling them Mr Handies all this time but realised they've got the military load out so Gutsies they are. That also gave me the opportunity to paint two green. I was going to leave it at that but those two really demanded stars and serial numbers to be added. Nice looking models but I think they're a bit over sized in comparison to those seen in Fallout.

Next there's a set of Securitrons... kind of. They're not really a match for those seen in Fallout New Vegas and I don't know why Brother Vinnie chose to go the IP safe route with these when much of his other Fallout stuff is pretty close to the games. Kind of wish I'd made them a little blue-er but I still think they came out really well.

Then there's a NCR ranger veteran (I think it's NCR anyway, not played New Vegas for a while). Great model and wish Vinnie would do more to expand on the range.

Finally there's the super mutant. It was a nice change to have to do such a different skin colour to what I normally do. I know anyone who's been painting orcs will wonder why but I don't get to do much in the way of green skins.

I also decided to take new photo's of the models already in my gallery as I thought the pale blue background was a bit too washed out so here are the Brotherhood of Steel troopers and powered armour guys again. I took pics of the Protectrons and Eyebots from last week as well seeing as I've finished up the bases.

Whilst painting up the not-Securitrons I decided to take some stage by stage pics to show the process. Some of the pics are a bit rough as the photo's were a last minute idea and I got lazy and stopped using the timer on my camera.

As ever I start off with a black undercoat. For the way I paint the undercoat colour makes little difference to how the paint looks. The only benefit is that I use dark lining a lot so the black undercoat means a little less messing around.

Base coats. I don't normally base coat every area at the beginning as I tend to work each area individually but in this case it was just economical. The main body got a base mix of Coat d'Arms Fester Blue and VMC USA Olive Drab. The metals were a mix of VMA Steel, VMC USA Olive Drab and a little black. The wheel tire is just black.

The body is highlighted in layers. I just added VMC Stone Grey to the base colour mix.

The metals get a couple of layers of highlight. Just more VMA Steel added to the base colour. Pretty quick job as the washes that follow add depth and pick out detail. The tire is highlighted by adding VGC Khaki to black.

First of the washes to give that grimey post-apoc look. GW Nuln Oil and a bit of GW Agrax Earthshade mixed and washed neat over the body work and metals. Need to make sure those metallics are nice and dry before applying washes. Once this first wash was dry the metals got a second wash.

After that I go in with a paint wash. This time a mix of VGC Charred Brown and VGC Imperial Blue thinned with plenty of water. It should be more brown than blue. Body work and metals get washed.

The last of the washes, some VGC Parasite Brown for rusting. With some of the models I kept this pretty thin and muted it down a touch with some of the murky brown wash from before. Again body work and metals get washed. I strengthened the colour in some areas to give a more rusted look. One model I was quite heavy with the Parasite Brown as I wanted it to be more rusted up than the rest. 

Almost done! I edge all the corners, detail and well, edges with VMA Steel to look like chipped paint. When doing this paint some continuous lines and some broked dashed and dotted lines to give a more battered and natural look.

Finally job done. Painted the light with a base of GW Zamesi Desert and highlight with VMC Ivory and then white. Tootled up a few other bits and pieces and there we are.



  1. Great work!

    I am happy the F3 fever has left me, otherwise I'd surely spend a fortune in Brother V's store :)

    1. Yeah, it's really tempting to go all in with an order but I'm trying to resist.