Sunday, 21 September 2014

A mixed bag

Here we are again....

Recently I've been painting up odds and sods, some small commissions and a few things I've had lying around on my work desk. First up there's a set of ancient princesses (not a bunch of old broads but the kind of scantily clad sorts from back in 'the day').

All Werner Klocke sculpts and are apparently limited edition Christmas models from 2005, 2006 and 2007 respectively. Nice clean sculpts and quite fun to paint, although I suspect they might not be 100% historically accurate (bikinis and platform sandals may have come a little later ;) ). If you're into Bible stories then you might notice they're bearing gifts that could be gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Then there's a Greek officer from Gorgon Studios. A Steve Saleh sculpt I'm told.

Next there's a Black Tree Designs Tom Baker 4th Doctor from their Dr Who range. I think BTD's Dr Who models are only slightly better than Citadel's Dr Who range (only slightly mind and I have much more nostalgic fondness for the Citadel ones). It would be nice if someone were to produce a new range of Dr Who models (from the classic years) but I suspect the licence is rather pricey these days.  

There's also a Doc Brown type character from Back To The Future II or III or whatever it was. The one in the old west. A Gang Fight Games model I think.

I've also painted up an old Citadel Elric The White Wolf from their long defunct Eternal Champion line. This model is intended for Project Alchemy charity raffle to raise funds for UNICEF. For every Pound donated through Project Alchemy you get a raffle ticket and a chance of winning something. The more you donate, the more chance you have of bagging something. Keep checking the PA site for updates and new prizes as they're added. 

And finally I've managed to finish off another of my Bretonnian crossbowmen. This thing has been sitting on my desk for weeks it seems. All I needed to do was sort out the base work but I just couldn't be arsed with it until the other day when I was basing up the other models. One more crossbowman to do now.


  1. Elric, the brets and the Dr are superb.

  2. Exquisite painting as always.

    The princesses are superb and I have to say my favouruite piece od the Elric, his pants are marvellous and they look so good I would want to cares shis thighs...

    The fact he's painted for the Project Alchemy challenge is even better. Thanks for doing this !

  3. Stunning paint jobs! Of course Elric is the best by viture of a) being Elric, b) having stripey trousers and c) being for an excellent charity project ;)