Saturday, 16 August 2014

Fallout Troopers & Fantasy Adventurers

First up, some Fallout powered armour troopers from Brother Vinnie. A set of Brotherhood of Steel troopers and a pair of nondescript soldiers from the wasteland. I can't place their armour design so I'm not sure whether they're taken from Fallout 3/New Vegas (and my memory is failing me) or it's a design purely from the imagination of Brother Vinnie.

These are resin models and the castings were generally good. The two gatling lasers on the BoS troopers were a little rough, especially the hoses and there was a little excess resin in the recesses of part of the gun which might have suggested a bit of mould ripping. Nothing too bad though. The other troopers were fine apart from one where the ammo box on the gun was somewhat miscast due to air bubbles and was almost entirely hollow so needed quite a bit of filling.

They painted up a bit more quickly than I expected although I did rely heavily on lots of washes which took time to dry between layers. It was quite fun adding all the layers of dirt and tarnish. I kept the BoS fairly clean as they're more inclined to look after their kit but the other troopers I went a bit harder with the dirt. With them being identical models I made one a bit more rusted than the other. I've got eye bots and a few other robots to do. I would have had the eye bots done actually but I ran out of pins for the aerials so they'll get done in a week or so's time. Sadly these are a commission so won't be staying with me. I've been tempted by Brother Vinnie's Fallout stuff for quite a while but just haven't got around to ordering any. Might need to sort myself out with a squad of BoS. Just wish more poses were available.

Tried a different background on these, more of a muted blue this time. Not sure what I think of it to be honest. It doesn't over power the models but it might be a touch dull.

Moving on... another commission. A set of fantasy adventurer types all from Reaper. The paladin with flaming sword and the dark elf witch are both Bones plastics and like I mentioned either in my last post or at least on one forum or other, I'm not a fan. It was interesting as the dark elf witch was a model where I'd painted the metal version not too long ago so I'd got a good comparison in quality and I could really see how much detail was lost with Bones. Pics first, then I'll have a moan.

Right, Bones plastic. Reaper's foray into cheap plastics kind of passed me by but I remember people on forums getting all excited when they ran a Kickstarter for it the other year. I got the impression a lot of people threw a lot of cash at the KS because it was offering a shit load of models for a bargain price. I'm also aware that some of those backers ended up being disappointed with the models when they turned up because they're a bit crap. Bendy plastic might have a place in the world of miniatures but like all casting materials its use has to be taken into consideration from the start. It doesn't reproduce fine detail very well and is useless for very thin parts. With that in mind it might work well enough for purpose made larger models with chunky, heavy detail but when Reaper thought they could re-tool their old metals to cast in plastic I think they made a poor choice. I know plenty of people are happy with Bones because they got a fuck tonne of cheap figures and can just chuck them in a tub under the bed when they're done but blobby gaming tokens aren't for me.


  1. Great work, the sci fi troopers are excellent. I agree on reaper bones, got myself their undead dragon recently and was very much disappointed: It looks rather like some chinese toy dragon from a gift shop than like a miniature.

  2. Yeah, top stuff as always!

    Great to see Fallout guys painted by you, mine is still waiting but these pics might trigger the paint works start faster :D