Sunday, 31 August 2014

Bretonnians and Fallout bots

As ever I've been a bit lax in my blog postings but not without good reason. I spent a week churning out zombies but can't show them just yet. Then last week proved somewhat of a trying week as the bulb in one of my work lamps died which made things very difficult. Of course it had to happen over the bank holiday weekend which meant my online order for a replacement wasn't ready for despatch until the Tuesday. After half the week spent straining my eyes I was very relieved to get my new bulbs.

Anyway, with that minor disaster resolved, onto a few things I can show now. When I've had time I've been slowly working on more Bretonnians for my warband. I managed to finish a third crossbowman so decided to take a shot of the three of them whilst I had the camera set up. New one is on the right.

I've got a fourth underway but no idea when I'll get him finished. One more crossbowman to do after this and then that tiny unit will do for the time being (I've got more in the lead pile that could bring them up to a more respectable twelve strong unit).

Commission work continues with more Fallout type stuff from Brother Vinnie. This time Protectrons and Eyebots. Not quite finished as I still need to do the base work. It's really enjoyable doing these weathered and rusted paint jobs. The only ball ache came with assembling the Protectrons. Clean up was a breeze and putting them together would have been fine had nearly all of the claw hands NOT been broken! They're very delicate and are easily broken. Not something that can be pinned and fixed more securely so I just had to rely on superglue and a steady hand. Thankfully all the bits were there and I reckon the hands are more solid now than when they were originally intact.

More Fallout stuff to come. Mr Handys to do and some Securitrons as well as two wastelander characters.


  1. I think your stuff is brilliant and I can see why people pay you to paint. You also seem to have picked up on two of my weak spots, Fallout and Warhammer. I am loving your blog, please keep it coming!

    1. Thanks Stephen :)

      Wish I had more time to do my Bretonnians but the Fallout stuff is a commission so there's more to come there. I forgot there's a super mutant in the to do pile as well!