Saturday, 19 July 2014

Peeling Paint

I can't show this weeks work yet but I have managed to start work on another Bretonnian for myself. This time a crossbowman to go with my little band of brigands. It's been quite a while since I last painted anything that wasn't work so this was a nice departure from the usual clock watching and daily deadlines. This is nearly finished and just needs the wood work highlighting a little more and then the remaining metals need painting. I might finish it off later today if I can be arsed. Badly lit photo time...


Last weekend I had a bit of a tidy up around my work area as I was boxing myself into an ever smaller space and seemed to be surrounded by half an inch of dust and metal filings. Part of that clean up involved stripping the growing mounds of dried up paint off my palette which after several months looks like a relief map of the Peak District. Maybe not the most exciting blog post but I always find it satisfying peeling that thick layer of paint off and getting back to a nice clean palette. Bit like picking a big scab off.

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