Sunday, 6 July 2014

More Drow

As the title says, more of the buggers. Still need to finish painting the bases on them (yes the paint is wet).

All Otherworld Miniatures except for the staff wielding mage type which is from Gale Force 9 and resin rather than metal. That particular model proved to be a bit of pain in the arse as it's a great example of a model where the sculptor perhaps didn't take into account moulding and casting issues. Lots of very thin parts that are more likely to miscast or be easily damaged. One of the pointy ends on the shoulder armour was so thin and slightly miscast that it fell off leaving me thinking it was just flash. That had to be fixed with a blob of putty sanded and shaped to roughly match the other side. The staff is ridiculously thin and fragile and when the model arrived (unassembled) that part was broken into three pieces. It was all too thin to drill and pin so I just used superglue and hoped for the best. Somehow it worked and a little greenstuff skinned over the joins improved my confidence in it holding. Whilst painting the model though I managed to catch the staff with my hand ever so lightly and the damn thing broke again, but not one of the original breaks, a completely new one! More superglue and that was fixed. At this stage I daren't fart in the same room as the model in case it falls apart! It's also one of those models that tries too hard to be detailed but just ends up looking a bit too indistinct in places. The armour is a bit like that (although might also be suffering from poor casting) and I have no idea what's going on with the legs so painting some areas black and some armour hopefully works as a fudge. Most of the surfaces of the model are rough and not really 'finished' enough for my liking as well. All rather 'style over substance' I reckon. I've got another two GF9 resin pieces to paint for this warband and whilst much better than this model they do share some of the same problems. Rant over.


  1. The fart comment is priceless! :D
    I too hate when manufacturers cast such fragile models like this.
    How do they expect their miniatures to survive a game on the battlefield?!


    1. Sculptors and manufacturers really need to consider how a model is going to be moulded and cast. I wonder how many breakages they have prior to getting these kind of models packaged up? Never mind the miscasts.

  2. They look fantastic! the grey on the skin is particularly nice.